Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group has a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC) which meets regularly, with members from each of the Group’s operations, including the Hong Kong office.

The CSRC is responsible for ensuring that each business in the Group operates to the same broad guidelines defined in the Group policy statement issued by the CSRC.  This statement deals with health and safety, employee well being, the Group’s impact on the environment and its social responsibility.

Every new or prospective supplier must satisfactorily complete an audit before being validated by the Group.  Follow up audits are undertaken on a regular basis once suppliers are accepted.  With the benefits of language and location, the Group’s Hong Kong office is able to control the audits of the suppliers in Asia.  Other supplier audits are controlled from the UK.

The Group continues to be engaged in a number of projects, in conjunction with stakeholders, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, safely and efficiently dispose of waste and, where possible, reduce, re-use and recycle products and packaging.